Simple. Reliable.

Fully managed shared cloud for your websites, blogs, apps

Be Cloud Ready

At goclouds, we believe cloud hosting should be simple and easy enough
for everyone.Our shared cloud is a hybrid of shared hosting on a cloud infrastructure.
This provides high availaiblity, increased realibility and security than any
normal shared hosting spaces. We offer shared environment on a enterprise
class clustered private cloud infrastructure making your business cloud ready.

Isolated yet shared

Goclouds provides you with fully managed cloud. Each website
will be placed on an individual lightweight virtualized environment and
given a predetermined amount of resources. So your website remains
stable even when your neighbouring sites face a sudden spike in traffic.
we takecare of your website, so you can focus on your business!

High performance linux

Our linux clouds are powered by ngnix stack with memcached for
better performance, faster than normal apache servers. Goclouds has a
linux shared cloud. We love wordpress and offer one click installer
for wordpress for easy installation. we also provide the same for joomla,
drupal, dotnetnuke. you can be up and running in minutes.

Award winning control panel

Goclouds uses award winning control panels cpanel for linux. These control panels are time tested in
real world hosting scenarios and proven realiable for
years with utmost simplicity. There is almost no learning
curve to use these panel


Why Us?
  • We offer fully managed support for Linux
  • Hardware + Network + Software
  • Immediate Response to Emergency support
  • Friendly, personalised hosting support
  • We take care of everything from DNS, Account setup and troubleshooting
  • Best Effort support for 3rd party plugins and CMS installation
Package Details
  • Shared hosting plans for both linux
  • Cloud Redudancy for linux servers
  • RAID Protected Storages for increased I/O Performance
  • No hidden or Setup fee
  • Backed by a Generous SLA
  • Customised plans available based on request
  • Redundant, Best in class infrastructure
  • High powered, Tire 1 Premium network
  • Parallel multi-tired architecture
  • Conditioned power providing Uninterrupted power supply
  • Secured by Keycards, Constant Survelliance
  • Highly redundant, enterprise class routing systems