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Increase sales while protecing your customers and business

Have you ever wondered why most customers dont buy online? How can you make them trust your website and your online business? Many online business website do not realise that they need more than just a site with goods and services. They need to gain customers trust. SSL Certificates bring peace of mind to your customers by securing your website and gaining the trust you deserve.

So, What is SSL?

SSL (Secure socket layer) creates an encrypted connection in your website between the web server and your visitors web browser allowing private information like passwords to be communicated securely without problems like eavesdropping, data tampering, forgery. SSL is more than just a sign of trust it adds a level of security protecting your valuable data and sensitive informations like credit card details.

Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

For Business Owners

There are many scam sites that looks legitimate, but they are not. These sites steal sensitive information from customers. Having an SSL Certificate authenticates your business by verifying companies application that includes valid business registration and domain ownership. This helps in identifying your website as legitimate, increasing your visitors trust. SSL certificates also provide site seal which can be placed on your website. Site seals increase visual assurance and instantly brings confidence in visitors. Get an SSL to make your customers feel safe and secure in doing business with you.

For E-Commerce Sites

With the rapid growth in E-Commerce sector and increase in Internet shopping. It is necessary for E-Commerce sites to show that the informations given by their users are secure. Users provide you with informations that are very personal and sensitive that can allow access to their money. It can frustating for them to know that those informations are not safe. One of the ways for them to know that you are serious about securing their informations is to get an SSL Certificate. This shows them that you send encrypted informations making their shopping safe and secure.

Who Needs SSL?

  • Business websites that needs a identity assurance
  • Online shopping sites with credit card transactions
  • Sites with logins, control panels to crtical applications
  • For securing email, exchange and ftp connections
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