Move Beyond.

Plug into the new revenue stream

Did you ever wanted to run a webhosting business? Well, its here.
Our reseller program is designed to enable all types of business to incorporate hosting services to their portfolio. This helps your business to offer broad choice of product ranges to your customers. Best of all you can set your own profit margins for reselling those accounts. Its totally your business. No matter whether you start small or big. We will empower you with a broad suite of hosting solutions. Just start earing big bucks today!!

Our reseller programs is best suitable for

  • Web Development Companies
  • Web Design Agency
  • Freelancers
  • IT Consultants
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Bloggers
  • E Commerce Providers
  • and More...
SALES : +91 0422 4388390
100% Private Labelled
Our reseller solution is completely brandable so that your customers dont even know we exist.
Expand your Business
We offer wide product ranges to offer to your customers. Integrate our service & expand offerings.
We will make you money
Perfect for resellers looking to generate long term revenue. Start reselling our products today!


Why Us?
  • We offer fully managed support for Linux
  • Hardware + Network + Software
  • Immediate Response to Emergency support
  • Friendly, personalised hosting support
  • We take care of everything from DNS, Account setup and troubleshooting
  • Best Effort support for 3rd party plugins and CMS installation
Package Details
  • Reseller hosting plans for both linux
  • Cloud Redudancy for linux servers
  • RAID Protected Storages for increased I/O Performance
  • Private Nameservers and 100% Anonymous
  • Increase your revenue by reselling domain and SSL
  • Customised plans available based on request
  • Redundant, Best in class infrastructure
  • High powered, Tire 1 Premium network
  • Parallel multi-tired architecture
  • Conditioned power providing Uninterrupted power supply
  • Secured by Keycards, Constant Survelliance
  • Highly redundant, enterprise class routing systems